Warranty, terms and conditions

1 – warranty

1.1 – Duration

Techno-Innov’s products are under warranty for one (1) year after the purchase date.

1.2 – Limits of warranty

Techno-Innov guarantees that its products fit their specifications. Techno-Innov isn’t liable for malfunctions and/or damage caused by neglect, misuse, mishandling or modification of its products whether due to the user or a third party. Techno-Innov isn’t liable for malfunctions and or damage due to the use of data or instructions from a third party.

Techno-Innov has final decision on testing and quality control procedures necessary to ensure the good functioning of its products.

1.3 – Appeals

When Techno-Innov is liable for a product not meeting the warranty conditions, the client may request a refund or replacement of the product, after returning the product to Techno-Innov, within the limits of the sums paid by the client (excluding shipping costs). Techno-Innov’s liability only applies to products in effect established by Techno-Innov as defective in accordance with the here described warranty conditions. In the case of the replacement of a product meeting warranty conditions, Techno-Innov will be granted a reasonable delay to provide the replacement, taking into account stocks available when the replacement request is made.

Returns will have to be vetted by Techno-Innov. Returns that do not match an existing valid return number will not be accepted. For more information on the return process, contact Techno-Innov by email or post.

Replaced products will be under warranty for the duration of the remaining initial warranty or four (4) month, whichever is greater.

1.4 – Warranty exclusions

Within the limits of the here described warranty conditions and those set by applicable law, the products are sold “as is”, without warranty of any kind, stated or implicit, including but not limited to, warranty of conformity to specific use or the accuracy of textual or graphic information provided.

Under no condition, except those imposed by applicable law or a written agreement, is Techno-Innov liable for damage, including generic, specific, secondary or consecutive damage resulting from the use or inability to use the product(s)(including but not limited to material, immaterial or corporal damage, loss of data caused to the user or a third party), whether or not Techno-Innov has been notified of the likelihood of such damage.

In any case, any warranty, explicit or imposed by applicable law is limited to one (1) year after the purchase date.

1.5 – Support

Techno-Innov will provide technical support by email through the “technique …at… techno-innov.fr” account. When Techno-Innov will see fit, answers will be gathered on a document available online (link upcoming). Questions that are answered in this document will not be personally answered. This support service is provided freely. This support service pertains exclusively to Techno-Innov products and doesn’t bind Techno-Innov in any way, including, but not limited to, the time taken to answer queries, the quality of answers, the accuracy of answers and whether or not the response answers the question asked.

This support service doesn’t extend the warranty or liability of Techno-Innov towards its clients or third parties.

2 – Conditions of use

2.1 – Limits of use

Products sold by Techno-Innov mustn’t be used in critical applications or systems, in which partial or total failure of the product could cause bodily harm or death. Critical applications or systems include but are not limited to medical equipment, nuclear facilities, power plants, transports and weapon systems.

The client acknowledges and accepts that any use of a Techno-Innov product in a critical application or system, as outlined above, engages their responsibility and that they are responsible for abiding the law and regulations pertaining to this use.

2.2 Respect of laws and regulations

The client acknowledges and accepts full responsibility concerning the respect of applicable laws and regulations when using products created and sold by Techno-Innov, regardless of any warranty, support or information provided by Techno-Innov.

3 – Compensations

The client acknowledges and accepts to protect, compensate and clear of any liability Techno-Innov from and against any loss, damage liability or expense resulting from a failure to meet the conditions in this warranty, critical neglect or intentional wrongdoing on the client’s part.

4 – Exceptions of accessory, indirect and certain other damages

Within the limits set by applicable laws, Techno-Innov isn’t liable for specific, collateral, indirect, punitive, accidental, consecutive, non consecutive or exemplary damages (including but not limited to damage by loss of profit, loss of data, confidential or not, business interruptions, bodily harm, breach of privacy, financial loss or loss of any kind), directly or indirectly resulting from the use or inability to use products created and sold by Techno-Innov, or by the inability of Techno-Innov to provide said products or services, even if Techno-Innov has been warned of the likelihood of such damage.
This section applies beyond the warranty period.

5 – Limits of liability and appeal

Without prejudice of damage or expense, including expenses linked to judicial proceedings and lawyer fees, that the client may incur for any reason whatsoever (including, but not limited to, previously referenced damage or direct damage), the liability of Techno-Innov and its employees and associates, resulting directly or indirectly from the use or inability to use products created and sold by Techno-Innov or services provided by Techno-Innov or the inability by Techno-Innov to provide said products or services, cannot exceed the sums paid by the client to Techno-Innov.

6 – Modification of specifications

Techno-Innov may at any time modify the specifications or description of its products, without notice and without having to notify its clients.