Quick introduction

Anne and Nathaël Pajani created the Techno-Innov SCOP at the start of 2012 to give structure to the ongoing development of the DomoTab project. It is the result of more than a year of studies and deliberation through which we defined the company’s goals, functioning and assessed the doability of our first project.

As of December 2012, the DomoTab project (started in 2010) reaches the end of the development phase for its last parts while some are already in production (check out the historic of the project on our “blog” page).

Techno-Innov’s operations aren’t limited to DomoTab, though, and other projects are already in the pipes. Our activity is the development and commercialisation of electronic or otherwise technically innovating products as well as accompanying services. We also conduct studies or provide technical consulting to other companies with the benefit of our experience and skills.


Techno-Innov is a french company under the “SCOP SARL” status.
Techno-Innov is registered under the number “539 169 417 RCS Lyon” at the french administration since January 17th 2012.


Our mascot “tibug” is an ant, a small yet tireless and inquisitive bug which lives in community and work in groups, and for which sharing is natural.