Mini Maker Faire Lyon 2016 soldering contest results

26 challengers participated to the soldering contest which took place during the Lyon Mini Maker Faire 2016.
They used 8 to 50 minutes to get a Starter Kit up and running from the PCB and parts !

The winner did it in 8 minutes and 16 seconds (35 seconds quicker than me!!!) ! Spectacular ! He won an USB-to-UART Adapter with which he will be able to easily program the micro-controller on the StarterKit, and communicate with his next Maker projects :)

We didn’t have time to take photos, but you can tweet yours @TechnoInnov (#MFLyon) :)

For the participants, you will find most information about your StarterKit on our dedicated page, including schematics, KiCad sources, and many more useful information (this is open Hardware :)

For those interrested in programming the micro-contrôleur, you can reffer to the paper from Cyprien Laplace published in Open Silicium n°17 : “Utilisation du SDK Mbed sur un tout petit micro-contrôleur LPC810″ (pages 60 to 63, in french). This will get you on tracks and you’ll be able to re-use your Starter Kit in your next Maker project !

Thanks for your participation, and well done to those who gave it a try :)

The results :

Place Participant Time
1st Samuel 8 min. 16 sec.
2nd Maxime 8 min. 30 sec.
3rd Nathaël 8 min. 50 sec.
4 Rafik 9 min. 30 sec.
5 Anthony 9 min. 57 sec.
6 Oscar 11 min. 18 sec.
7 Jean Noël 15 min. 29 sec.
8 Guilhem 15 min. 35 sec.
9 Alexandre 15 min. 54 sec.
10 Mme P. 17 min. 31 sec.
11 Eliott 17 min. 35 sec.
12 Caroline 22 min. 05 sec.
13 Kim 24 min. 14 sec.
14 Augustin 24 min. 34 sec.
15 Martin 25 min. 47 sec.
16 Florian 26 min. 21 sec.
17 Ethan 30 min. 13 sec.
18 Pierre-Gilles 30 min. 38 sec.
18 Yvain 30 min. 38 sec.
20 Mathieu 33 min. 00 sec.
21 Maxime 35 min. 26 sec.
22 Hervé 36 min. 24 sec.
23 Flore 40 min. 36 sec.
24 Olivier 42 min. 49 sec.
25 Mathias 44 min. 08 sec.
26 Elwann 50 min. 00 sec.


Le 29 May 2016 par .

Mini Maker Faire Lyon

Techno-Innov will be present for the Mini Maker Faire Lyon on Mai 28 and 29.

We will hold a soldering workshop for those looking forward to learn or improve their skills, or want to discover new soldering tricks and make professional quality PCB at home at very little cost.

You will also discover our latest boards, assembled this week :)

Le 27 May 2016 par .

Video about MWL project during Innorobo

Hello Everybody !

Here is the link to the Video made by Sébastien Meunier (in French) during Innorobo 2015 for France télévision (Méta Média).
The video presents some parts of the 1/87th scale Car-System we made for the Mini World Lyon project.
It focuses on our prototyping platform made using common prototyping technics as found at YouFactory or in many other FabLabs.

Le 21 Jul 2015 par .

A place on YouFactory’s booth at Innorobo 2015

We spent the first three days of this month on the booth provided by YouFactory during Innorobo 2015

Thank you to Pole Pixel for the booth :)

We presented some projects for which we used technics and production tools available at YouFactory:

  • DTPlug’s box, which went through validation stages using 3D printing (hot wire) before mold production.
  • Prototype model for the car system development for MWL‘s huge, 300 square meters, model, built for a permanent show. It has been made using laser cutting.
  • Prototyping and production of the charging stations for the vehicules, also using laser cutting.
  • Prototyping and production of the chassis and front steering assembly using 3D printing, but with resin (Using a FormLabs Form 1+, which produces finer details.

Also thank you to the event organisation team :)

Le 4 Jul 2015 par .

Back from SiDO event. Thank You !

Logo SiDO

We spent two days on the “FabLab” stall during the SiDO event. These have been full of meetings with very interresting people, and I thank you all for your interest in our projects, both DomoTab and Mini World Lyon. This gives us the energy to keep on going :)

For those who asked, here is a small video of the model I use for the development of the vehicule control system for Mini World Lyon. Others may have shot better quality video, feel free to share the links :)

Le 9 Apr 2015 par .

(Open) Home automation presentation

We made a presentaion around home automation for the “Jeudi du libre” on December 5 in Lyon, with some focus on open home automation.

For those unable to come (and those who came), here is the link to the presentation slides.

Thank you to all the participants for their listening and their questions (we spoke till 22h30), and thank you to the MPT for hosting !

For those living in lyon (or nearby), we will make a grouped order of BeagleBone Black boards. If you are interrested, get in touch as soon as possible :)
Delivery only in Lyon (FabLab, MPT), Villeurbanne (Campus de la Doua) and Meyzieu.

Le 6 Dec 2013 par .

Alchimie X soldering contest results

The “Alchimie X” event is over, and we are a little bit late to give you the soldering contest results, but here they are !

Congratulations to the young Vincent who kept his nerves cool all along despite his youthfulness and won the contest hands down !

Participants Time Start – End
Vincent 20 min. 45 sec. 14:50:51 – 15:11:36
David (belett) 29 min. 03 sec. 17:06:30 – 17:35:33
Fabien 39 min. 08 sec. 16:19:30 – 16:58:38
Cicile 41 min. 14 sec. 15:21:20 – 16:02:36
Anya 44 min. 32 sec. 15:21:20 – 16:05:52
Guillaume 45 min. 17 sec. 17:06:30 – 17:51:47
Murielle 51 min. 08 sec. 17:42:34 – 18:33:42


Le 14 Nov 2013 par .

Solderig wokshop and contest

This WeekEnd we will conduct soldering workshops and contests: Saterday in Lyon during the “Expériences Numériques” and Sunday in Tain l’Hermitage (26) during the “Alchimie X” event.

In both cases the quickest participant to complete the assembly of a working Starter Kit (simple version) will get a reward by the end of the day. Participation the the contest will require the purchase of the Starter Kit.

Supervised soldering workshops will require an extra two euros.

We will also run CMS soldering workshops (using the GPIO Demo module Kit (to be purshased) during these two days, without extra cost, and we will provide the solder paste.

You’re welcome !


Le 8 Nov 2013 par .

Open World Forum 2013 – Follow up


L’Open World Forum took place in Paris from October3 to October 5 2013.

Eventually, we received all the parts in time so you were able to make your own badge and try you soldering skills.

For those who were unable to attend the forum, no worry, we have many letf, for both the simple starter kit (two leds version) or the RGB leds version for advanced users.

A lot of pictures were taken during the event, you’ll be able to see the interest for our introductory workshop:

Open World Forum 2013 Pictures gallery on Google+

Open World Forum 2013 Pictures gallery on Flickr (Experiment day on Samedi)


Le 15 Oct 2013 par .

Open World Forum 2013

Hi !

As some may be aware, Open World Forum 2013 will stand in Paris from October 3 to October 5 2013.

We spent the last two weeks on the design of a soldering introduction kit that would be more attractive than a simple led blinking assembly, and mainly trying to solve all the problems arising when one tries to create a new product with a very close deadline (3 weeks !), a very short budget (nothing for the design, and very limited “per kit” budget): components availability problems, last minute changes, production delays, …

Anyway, we created a soldering introduction kit that will then become an ARM Cortex-M0 micro-controller development kit fot the DIP8 package version of the LPC810 (the big one, easy to solder, which you can use on breadboards). But NWP changed the chip status from preview to production … with a production hole of one and a half month. Of course the remaining stocks were bougth before we learnt about this problem, and we had to find an alternative. In order to keep the main idea behind this, we chose to use the bigger brother of the LPC810 : the LPC812. Same silicium in a smaller package with more pins … in a surface mount package … which had us creating an adapter board.

in short, PCB are in production, we ordered the components, and all should be delivered in time for the forum.

And for those who won’t be there, no worry, we had to order much more than planned for the forum to be able to get within the budget, so this kit is available on our store at a very low price for such a product: 6€ TTC (without shipping).

Of course, this is for the Open World Forum, so it’s Open Hardware !

A preview of the PCB for your own eyes only:


Le 23 Sep 2013 par .

Participation to Open World Forum 2013

Open World Forum 2013, the first libre and open source european forum takes place this year in Paris from October 3 to October 5 2013.

We will be part of the “Experiment” section with our GPIO Demo Kit, to demonstrate that modern electronics is accessible to everyone !

Le 23 Jul 2013 par .

Showcasing DomoTab for Imaginove

This afternoon we had a display of the DomoTab project during a Think-Tank organised by Imaginove at CPE-Lyon.

Thank you to Fabrice Jumel (research professor at CPE Lyon) for the contact, and thank you to Imaginove for the proposition.

It has been a great exchange time with the audience that I thank for their listening, participation, and interest.

The showing should be available on Imaginove website soon.

Le 25 Jun 2013 par .

JDLL 2012

JDLL 2012 are now over.

Thank you to all the volunteers of the organization team, and to “Maison Pour Tous” for their hospitality.

You were many to come ask us at our booth, and our project has obviously aroused great interest among all. This allowed us to validate our technical and commercial choices, and shows us that freedom is the right way.

We hope that you will confirm this by actively participating in the Ulule crowdfunding campaign we are setting up for pre-sales of DomoTab, to reach a production volume that would significantly lower the sales price.

We also sold the first DTPlug at these JDLL, which is a good sign and we hope that some more will do so.

Now that our site is online, we will continue to keep you posted here, and through our Twitter account.

Le 19 Nov 2012 par .

JDLL contest results

Hello Everyone, and thanks to all those who participated.

Well done to the winners of our JDLL 2012 contest who found which bug “tibug” stands for: an ant, a small yet tireless and inquisitive bug which lives in community and work in groups, and for which sharing is natural.


Le 19 Nov 2012 par .

JDLL contest

Mug tibug


Try to win a “tibug” sticker (50 first good answers) or one of the two “tibug” mugs involved. It’s simple, answer the following question:

What does our “tibug” logo stand for ? (Edit: answer is now here)

Warning, the question is about what is symbolised by the logo, not what is used to represent it (a capacitor, a chip, and a led). The answer is short and has to be specific.

Contest rules :

  • Open game, with no purchase requirement.
  • Limited to one answer per physical person.
  • Open from Monday November 12th 2012 to Saturday November 17th 2012 at 10h00 (JDLL openning)
  • Rewards will be given to the participants only during JDLL 2012 event (17 and 18 November 2012).
  • Data gathered during the contest will be used to send you information emails about the DomoTab project.
  • According to the law, you have the right to modify or request removal of your personal data from our databases.
Le 2 Nov 2012 par .

Techno-Innov at JDLL 2012

Techno-Innov will present the DomoTab project during JDLL 2012 on 17 and 18 November, in Lyon (Maison pour tous – Salle des Rancy)

For the curious ones : global presentation of the whole DomoTab project, display of the first prototypes of the DomoTab control unit and it’s variants, and pre-sales of the DTPlug (Modular home-automation bridge).

Of course, if it happens at JDLL, it’s because the ahrdware is open (licence Créative Commons – CC-by-sa-nc) and the software “libre” !

Le 22 Oct 2012 par .