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The DomoTab is the heart of the multi-protocol domotics system. It is designed to replace a computer and run the domotics software of your choice, but can also act as a NAS, a multi-media server, a wall-mounted control unit, or even a tablet.

Warning: this product is not yet available, it is still under development.

The DTPlug

The DTPlug is already functional from the electronical point of view. It’s software is still under development.

The DTPlug is a bridge between the control unit (The DomoTab or any other control unit) and wired domotics buses, even if it may also act as a bridge for the wireless protocols.


The DTPlug Provides an Ethernet port for network connection, and can host 4 UEXT modules, including a CPL module, allowing for up to five different kind of equipments when including xPL protocol.
It includes an SD card slot to store temperature data, logs, scripts, or any other stuff you need.


Many modules are under development, and some are already commercialized : KNX, 1Wire, RS485 (Profibus, Modbus, …), RF (433/868MHz), Zwave, CPL, BLE, …


Each module provides an access to one communication protocol used in home automation devices. It must be connected to the DomoTab or DTPlug (or your choice of bridge or control system) to act as a bridge between the control unit and the selected protocol, or may also be used in “standalone” version to add a communication and control capability to an appliance which has none.

All modules use the GPIO-Demo module as a base.

This module is an interesting development kit for the LPC1224 micro-controller, or for ARM micro-controller discovery and test. The “USB Key” form factor meakes it easy to use, no need for cables or external power suply. The module is also available with a micro-USB connector for easy use on prototyping boards.