New processor module

We just received yesterday a new processor module for the DomoTab, with modifications to the DDR3 bus routing and this time DDR functions seamlessly.

I can’t tell you more about it yet, I’ve got to test everything else and there’s a lot of stuff around this module so it’s gonna take some time but at least I can get started!

I’ll keep you posted as soon as Linux boots but for now, here’s some eye candy: 

module processeur v1.1


Carte de test DomoTab avec le nouveau module processeur

Laser cut CMS stencil

This afternoon I tested the laser cutting CMS stencil technique at Lyon’s FABLab (Fabrique d’Objets Libres), that will be used to build the development modules. These stencils will be part of the development module kit I’m working on: an autonomous module allowing you to test your boards before building them.

The plastic stencils (rhodoïd – 150 micrometers thick) work great, at least as good as steel ones and are perfect for laser cutting. Tin sticks well to the PCB once the stencil if removed and transparency makes positioning easier.

You need to watch your pad size though, due to the cutting width: as much as 40% smaller for CMS components in CMS 0402 boxes, SOT-363 boxes or even LQFP boxes like the LPC1224′s otherwise you’ll get shot circuits.

And now, the pictures: 

DTPlug box pre-series for mold validation

Hello everyone!

Just to tell you that we received the first, fresh from the mold, DTPlug boxes. The rest is still in production. These are for mechanical validation of the mold. Except for a few minor aesthetic details, they meet our expectations :)

Here’s a few pics:


With Friday’s delivery of boards (test in progress) we’ll soon be able to deliver our first products, so order yours now!

JDLL 2012

JDLL 2012 are now over.

Thank you to all the volunteers of the organization team, and to “Maison Pour Tous” for their hospitality.

You were many to come ask us at our booth, and our project has obviously aroused great interest among all. This allowed us to validate our technical and commercial choices, and shows us that freedom is the right way.

We hope that you will confirm this by actively participating in the Ulule crowdfunding campaign we are setting up for pre-sales of DomoTab, to reach a production volume that would significantly lower the sales price.

We also sold the first DTPlug at these JDLL, which is a good sign and we hope that some more will do so.

Now that our site is online, we will continue to keep you posted here, and through our Twitter account.

JDLL contest results

Hello Everyone, and thanks to all those who participated.

Well done to the winners of our JDLL 2012 contest who found which bug “tibug” stands for: an ant, a small yet tireless and inquisitive bug which lives in community and work in groups, and for which sharing is natural.


JDLL contest

Mug tibug


Try to win a “tibug” sticker (50 first good answers) or one of the two “tibug” mugs involved. It’s simple, answer the following question:

What does our “tibug” logo stand for ? (Edit: answer is now here)

Warning, the question is about what is symbolised by the logo, not what is used to represent it (a capacitor, a chip, and a led). The answer is short and has to be specific.

Contest rules :

  • Open game, with no purchase requirement.
  • Limited to one answer per physical person.
  • Open from Monday November 12th 2012 to Saturday November 17th 2012 at 10h00 (JDLL openning)
  • Rewards will be given to the participants only during JDLL 2012 event (17 and 18 November 2012).
  • Data gathered during the contest will be used to send you information emails about the DomoTab project.
  • According to the law, you have the right to modify or request removal of your personal data from our databases.

Techno-Innov at JDLL 2012

Techno-Innov will present the DomoTab project during JDLL 2012 on 17 and 18 November, in Lyon (Maison pour tous – Salle des Rancy)

For the curious ones : global presentation of the whole DomoTab project, display of the first prototypes of the DomoTab control unit and it’s variants, and pre-sales of the DTPlug (Modular home-automation bridge).

Of course, if it happens at JDLL, it’s because the ahrdware is open (licence Créative Commons – CC-by-sa-nc) and the software “libre” !