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Back from SiDO event. Thank You !

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We spent two days on the “FabLab” stall during the SiDO event. These have been full of meetings with very interresting people, and I thank you all for your interest in our projects, both DomoTab and Mini World Lyon. This gives us the energy to keep on going :)

For those who asked, here is a small video of the model I use for the development of the vehicule control system for Mini World Lyon. Others may have shot better quality video, feel free to share the links :)

New paper in OpenSilicium 14 : Program your GPIO-Demo module from scratch

Open Silicium

As we promised to you, we managed to close the next paper soon enougth to get it in Open Silicium #14 !
It should be available in your favorite book store in a few days (in France). If not, consider fiding a new favorite book store !

Much more than a guide to GPIO Demo module programming, you’ll find a step-by-step how-to which will guide you to the depth of these small black chips you can find in an ever-growing number of everyday-life items.

Don’t wait for them to crush you, get ready for the trip and understand their deepest internals to master them and get the most efficient code for your projects.

Open Silicium 14


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Lower prices, new modules, new licence, and wiki launch

This new year brings good news !

First, we lowered most of the prices on our products. Have a look to our store. This is mainly an adaptation to the market prices, hopping it will help us sell more.

We also put our new RF-Sub1GHz modules (868/915MHz) in the store. These are available in three declinations: UEXT for the DomoTab project, USB for development or use from any device which has USB host ports, which opens many other use cases and makes debugging easier, and last but not least, the standalone version, which can be powered from a simple AAA rechargeable battery (or anything above 0.9V, so some simple small photovoltaïc cells may do, to be tested).

For those interrested in the LPC1224 micro-controller but do not care about the UEXT connector or DomoTab modules format, the new LPC1224-BO development board is now on sale. It’s a simplified version of the GPIO Demo module.

Another piece of news which should make many of you happy: some of our products are now under CC-by-sa licence.
This change affects the GPIO Demo module, the brand new RF-Sub1GHz modules, and the LPC1224-BO development board.

We launched (at least !) our wiki, though there’s not much there yet (appart from the previously published papers for Open Silicium, and mainly in french, but we will add content in the upcoming weeks and translate what is already there.

And last, for those interested in the micro-controller software, sources for our modules have been re-organised so that support of new modules and exemples for existing ones is easier (using git branches for each module, easily sharring common code).

Documentation update for GPIO Demo module

The technical documentation for the GPIO Demo module has been updated for the v4 of the module.

Ths sources (software) have been improved to make examples or applications creation and use much more practical, and use branches from our git repository to support new modules, including the brand new RF Sub1GHz module (868MHz/915MHz) (prototypes have been tested and validated !).

We’ll try to go on with this pace and get the documentations for all the other products done: DTPlug, USB-UART adapter, but also RF Sub1GHz module and LPC1224-Break-Out board.

Open Silicium – paper 4

Open Silicium

The fourth part of the paper series on the making of of the GPIO Demo module for the DomoTab is published in Open Silicium number 13 !

One year has gone since the previous one (sic) but you now have all the keys to get from design to production with professionnal-like quality while keeping costs very low and with very limited tools.

I give you my word, we will not wait that long for the next one, and programming your micro-controller from scratch will become as easy as your daily programming tasks before summer !

Open Silicium 13


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lpctools made it into Debian GNU/Linux

Hi all !

It has been quite a long time since the last piece of news, but we’ve been busy with other projects for our custommers.

Anyway, we keep going on, one step at a time, and the LPC1224 micro-controller support is getting better (it’s the micro-controller we use on the GPIO Demo modules and which will be used on all of our module if possible). Another module is ready, but not it’s documentation, so it will not be on sale till this is fixed, but here is the one piece of news we wanted to share with you today:

lpctools is now included in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution !

In order to get things done we finally asked Freexian services.

Next step : resume the redaction of the papers on the Makin-Of of the GPIO Demo module for Open Silicium. The fourth paper is written (under rereading) and I’m working on the number 5, but it’s growing too fast and will certainly be split in two parts.

(Open) Home automation presentation

We made a presentaion around home automation for the “Jeudi du libre” on December 5 in Lyon, with some focus on open home automation.

For those unable to come (and those who came), here is the link to the presentation slides.

Thank you to all the participants for their listening and their questions (we spoke till 22h30), and thank you to the MPT for hosting !

For those living in lyon (or nearby), we will make a grouped order of BeagleBone Black boards. If you are interrested, get in touch as soon as possible :)
Delivery only in Lyon (FabLab, MPT), Villeurbanne (Campus de la Doua) and Meyzieu.

Alchimie X soldering contest results

The “Alchimie X” event is over, and we are a little bit late to give you the soldering contest results, but here they are !

Congratulations to the young Vincent who kept his nerves cool all along despite his youthfulness and won the contest hands down !

Participants Time Start – End
Vincent 20 min. 45 sec. 14:50:51 – 15:11:36
David (belett) 29 min. 03 sec. 17:06:30 – 17:35:33
Fabien 39 min. 08 sec. 16:19:30 – 16:58:38
Cicile 41 min. 14 sec. 15:21:20 – 16:02:36
Anya 44 min. 32 sec. 15:21:20 – 16:05:52
Guillaume 45 min. 17 sec. 17:06:30 – 17:51:47
Murielle 51 min. 08 sec. 17:42:34 – 18:33:42


Solderig wokshop and contest

This WeekEnd we will conduct soldering workshops and contests: Saterday in Lyon during the “Expériences Numériques” and Sunday in Tain l’Hermitage (26) during the “Alchimie X” event.

In both cases the quickest participant to complete the assembly of a working Starter Kit (simple version) will get a reward by the end of the day. Participation the the contest will require the purchase of the Starter Kit.

Supervised soldering workshops will require an extra two euros.

We will also run CMS soldering workshops (using the GPIO Demo module Kit (to be purshased) during these two days, without extra cost, and we will provide the solder paste.

You’re welcome !


Smart control – first prototype

We told you about our new idea: smart control.

We just made the first prototype:

Proto inter

As usual, the SMD components were soldered using the plancha reflow soldering technique :)