Techno-Innov’s Car-System


Techno-Innov’s Car-System has been designed for the model exhibition project Mini World Lyon which should open on June 30th 2016 next to Lyon.


Our system is inspired by many existing systems, from which interesting systems have been improved to achieve the objectives of this ambitious animated model exhibition project at the scale of 1/87th (HO).

Designed with entertainment, reliability, industrialization, modularity, and widespread use constraints, our system is unique and can be used in parallel to some of the existing systems, while providing several additional features in its current version, and maintaining scalability in order to add new features such as contact-less vehicle charging in the future.

The usual magnetic tape (or metallic wire) steering system has been kept to allow compatibility with existing circuits. Vehicle guidance is thus made from the model using switches.

In order to create the most realistic system as possible, part of the driving decisions are made within the vehicle, which includes an autonomous collision avoidance system, and is able to execute a set of orders triggered by static tags spread along the vehicle paths.
Vehicles can then locate themselves and trigger animations at the right time (slow down in a bend, turn on or off blinkers, stop at a crossing, …).
The remaining decisions are taken by the control system, with a handler specific to each vehicle, making it simple to implement different behaviors, modularity being then an easy job, and reproducing real drivers behaviors to get realistic and fluid traffic.

The charging system has also been reworked to provide invisible contact and contact-less solutions, even if this improvement has not yet been deployed by Mini World Lyon.

Finally, the miniaturization and the use of advanced technologies in electronics and 3D resin printing (made by Drim 3D), makes it possible to create reliable, motorized, remote controlled vehicles, having an autonomy and a life time suitable for use in a miniature exhibition.

[youtube 6WvuIil5O3I 600 490]
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