Technical Data

Vehicle Hardware:


  • Main Board:
    • ARM Micro-controller + power supply + 868MHz RF Communication + static positioning markers detection system.
    • Electronic system can be fit to many vehicles. Miniaturized and mass production ready.
    • Full-duplex 868MHz communication (2.4GHz band already filled by Wifi/Bluetooth), simple and robust dedicated protocol.
    • Communication with controller using USB modules or embedded Linux system over Ethernet.
  • Embedded Lights and Collision avoidance system:
    • Front board for lights and collision avoidance system.
    • Rear board for lights and collision avoidance system.
    • Detection distance between 1 and 15cm, 60° angle.
  • Energy :
    • Electronic charging board (according to selected charging system).
    • LiPo battery, from 30 minutes for small vehicles (moving) up to over 16 hours (bigger vehicles, moving).
    • Sleep mode, with wake on radio or wake on timer.
    • Contact-less charging system under development.
    • Continuous contact-less power supply planned.
  • Mechanical hardware :
    • Motor with worm gear.
    • Resin 3D printed chassis including direction system and simple assembly system for all vehicle parts.
    • Usual magnet direction system, compatible with existing Car-system installations.
    • Adaptable to existing vehicle bodies (Herpa, Norev, …) at HO scale (1/87ème).
    • Possibility to use ball bearings for rear axle, but seems unnecessary when using resin 3D printing.


  • Possibility to add a RFID tag for quick identification of vehicles on key points and for maintenance.
  • Possibility to extend system by adding slave boards (for vehicles with full direction, complex lightning, embedded sounds, or complex mechanical systems.

Model Hardware:

  • Mechanical:
    • Usual vehicle direction system using magnet band and servo-motors with easy mount system for directions selection.
    • Static markers system without batteries, detected by the vehicles for autonomous operation.
    • In-road detectors used to identify and locate the vehicles.
  • Electronic:

  • techdata_maquette-01



    • Embedded system (BeagleBone Black and specific Cape) for full system handling:
      • Ethernet/IP network interface.
      • Can be replaced using any computer with USB to RF and USB to RS485 modules.
      • Software bridges for RF/RS485 to Ethernet/IP network interface.
      • Comprehensive logging system.
    • Electronic board for direction control and road sensor interface.
    • Electronic board for lightning effects and animation control:
      • Simplified 5V/12V lights cabling
      • Traffic lights handling.
      • Model animation control using 5V DC, 12V DC and 16V to 48V AC.
      • Individual control of up to 256 leds, each one being able to play any predefined sequence from the sequences set (A sequence is a series of 1.5ms on/off states, with up to 254 different sequences, from 12ms to 1.5s). Without sequence change orders from supervision the current sequence is played in a loop.
    • Electronic control board for automated charging systems
    • Communication with distant boards using RS485 Full-duplex Bus.

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