Model and Vehicles Part:


  • Vehicles miniaturization at 1/87th scale (HO) for buses, trucks and sedan cars. (Smaller cars under development).
  • Client-server architecture with parts of the control system integrated in the vehicle.
  • Vehicle lights (front, rear, breaking, blinkers, beacon), with different power levels for front (dipped headlights, position, and highlights) and rear lights (position and breaking).
  • Vehicle speed control for realistic acceleration and braking.
  • Individual address for each vehicle.
  • Autonomous collision avoidance system.
  • Individualized and dynamic configuration of the vehicles over RF.
  • Sleep mode with wake-up on timer or RF communication.
  • Robust control with magnetic guide in the model, branch selection by servo motors, multiple possible branches.
  • Simple vehicle tracking using magnet detectors.
  • Autonomous vehicle positioning by invisible static tags on the model.
  • Realism and fluidity of road traffic.
  • Traffic lights handling.
  • Priorities handling at intersections with or without direction switches.
  • Vehicles with dynamic scenarios.
  • Automated and invisible charging system.
  • Handling of motorized animations.
  • Advanced lighting handling, with limited wires and multiple effects which can be mixed to produce incredible combinations and simulate real life.


Server Part:

  • Traffic handling: crossings and lanes configuration.
  • Crossings handling.
  • Vehicles tracking.
  • Individual vehicle handling, making specific behaviors implementation easy. Each vehicle can have it’s own behavior.
  • Traffic and city lighting handling.
  • Vehicle charge handling.
  • Model animations handling.
  • Allows up to 16000 vehicles.
  • Communication with 100 vehicles per second on each RF channel (868MHz). Over 10 RF channels available.
  • Modular software architecture.
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