Dev update on October 26, 2015

We promised a quick update on the current developments, here it is:

More than the first prototype assembly, here are the (mitigated) results of the first tests :

The photos are available in this directory or below.

The strange red coating is an isolating warnish, which I thought I ordered the transparent version … obviously it’s not.
Anyway, this highlights ths result of the first connexion to mains : a bright flash !
Of course, you only get the calcinated result …

The next four pictures show the first CPL communication tests (Power line communication) which let us validate the USB version of this new communication module, and the remaining part of the PSMC (Power Supply Monitor & Control) adapter board (the one which did not burn).

And the ones are mechanical tests for the CPL module in DTPlug format (UEXT connector).

PCBs for version 2 (v0.2) or under production …

by the way, we tested and validated the isolated DMX module and the Thermocouple adapter board.

The isolated RS485 module will follow, as the DMX protocol uses an RS485 Bus, we only have to change the connector.

Mind that this is one of the few isolated RS485/DMX modules available, at a price sometimes lower than non isolated modules …
Needs a box though … it’s on our todo list :)

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