Dev news, October 2015 update

Hello World !

A small post to give you some information, but also to publish an idea, in order to protect it in the easiest possible way (So please, tweet, share, and forward this !).

We are working on a new module for the DomoTab system, which is not a communication module, but a control module. This new module is able to control a load (one or more devices) and at the same time measure the current used by this load.

This control module requires a communication module to operate, and thus uses the connector we defined for our communication modules.

The solution we selected to drive the load allows for both usual AC loads and also DC loads. It is also possible to modulate the power for the loads which may be controlled in this way (water heater for example).

When used with specific sensors, (temperature, humidity, …) you will be able to match power usage with local power production (solar, wind, …) or specific time frames (for noise reduction or electricity costs), while observing one or more thresholds for each operating equipment (maximum temperature for a fridge, minimum temperature for a water heater or a room, room humidity, ….).

This system will also allow you to plan or shift the power usage of some appliances across the day or (even days) depending on planned local power production or electricity costs, either using local data (luminosity or wind sensors, manual or automated programs, …), historical power production data, or external data (weather forecast, planned electricity costs, …), or even all of these data.

We will provide more information as soon as the first prototypes have been produced, which is expected soon :)

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