A new start for the DomoTab project

Hi all,

We have been very busy for about a year and a half on a customer project, and thus unable to spend much time on our own project, but here we are, back and as motivated as ever, as there have been a lot of feedback and interest from all of you about home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT), but with respect to privacy, DiY, and free software

At first, we will spend time on writting the documentations for yet undocumented products (RF module and DTPlug), both as PDF and on the Wiki, and then on adding examples and software support for all of our products.
At the same time, we will go on with the development of the KNX, 1Wire modules, and start a few other modules : CPL (Power Line), BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and 2.4GHz RF for support of the 6LowPAN protocol. Each module should come as USB, UEXT and standalone as for the RF-Sub1GHz module.

For the most curious of you, the other project we worked on last year was a car system and animation system for Mini World Lyon.
We will create a one-pager to showcase what we did, and try to sell the result either as a whole, or by ourselves, which would need some more time to create end-user oriented versions of the system, as the customer decided to keep a simple licence rather than buy the whole intellectual property.

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