lpctools made it into Debian GNU/Linux

Hi all !

It has been quite a long time since the last piece of news, but we’ve been busy with other projects for our custommers.

Anyway, we keep going on, one step at a time, and the LPC1224 micro-controller support is getting better (it’s the micro-controller we use on the GPIO Demo modules and which will be used on all of our module if possible). Another module is ready, but not it’s documentation, so it will not be on sale till this is fixed, but here is the one piece of news we wanted to share with you today:

lpctools is now included in the Debian GNU/Linux distribution !

In order to get things done we finally asked Freexian services.

Next step : resume the redaction of the papers on the Makin-Of of the GPIO Demo module for Open Silicium. The fourth paper is written (under rereading) and I’m working on the number 5, but it’s growing too fast and will certainly be split in two parts.

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