Starter Kit


The “Starter Kit” has been created upon a request from Open World Forum organisation team for a soldering introduction workshop during the “Experipent” day (Saturday).

Rather than creating a limited, almost useless assembly that would blink a led, but no more, how-ever hard you try, we set a somewhat more ambitious target: creating an ARM micro-controller dev board within the budget (which would blink a few leds … of course).


No problem, NXP just released a brand new micro-controller in DIP8 package (big one, easy to solder): the LPC810. Despite it’s clumsy appearance, it’s an ARM Cortex-M0 micro-controller that runs at 30MHz and has a really big set of peripherals (UARTs, I2C, SPI, comparator, timers, …), and most can be assigned to almost any pin (except the power supply pins …). Other very good point for us : it’s price : about 50 cents (0.5 euros) (when you buy 1000).

Our “Starter Kit” is much more than a simple blinking led badge. After improving your soldering skills, you will be able to discover ARM Cortex-M0 micro-controller programming, change the led blinking scheme (or the RGB led color for the “expert” version), or do much more with some of the powerfull micro-controller peripherals.

Of course this is an “Open Hardware” design, so you’ll find all the sources on the technical data page.


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