Ulule crowdfunding target reached

This evening the crowdfunding campaign we set on Ulule reached (and overshot by 6%) the initial target we fixed (as of 25th July 2013) !

Many many thanks to all the people who already supported our project !

Of course, the crowdfunding does not end here, and we can go beyond the initial target. If the 5000 euros level is reached, we will send an additional gift to all those who selected a reward above 35 euros (the gift will be in relation to the selected reward).

But we can go much further, and if the 10K target is reached, then everyone will get an extra gift as we will then liberate the GPIO-Demo module, removing the commercial use restriction from the CC licence.

If you did not support us, time is running short, the crowdfunding ends on 30th July 2013. After this date, the “bellaminettes” which “Bruno Bellamy” made for this crowdfunding will become forever unavailable.

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