Smart control

After some brainstorming we can tell you about a new project which should be out soon : a new kind of smart control switch.

What is a smart switch ? We’ll try to explain.

Look and feel

This control denotes from classic ones from the start due to its simple look and lack of mechanical parts. It’s a single square or rectangular plane, somewhere between 3 and 5 inches (might be bigger, be more expensive then, or smaller, but harder to use).


If there’s no mechanical parts, then there’s a touchscreen ?


Our new control will use Nemopsys technology, and thus be touchless ! It will detect your fingers or your hand in 3D and you won’t fear scratching the surface with your keys when you turn the light on. It also makes it independent from brightness, temperature or gloves !


Then if it’s a single plane, how do I know where to “push” and makes it smart ?

We will use e-paper technology to allow a very low power display (No power used when display is static !) and get an interactive surface, making the control “multi-function”, allowing immediate feedback or help display.

As an example, the surface can display a picture of the whole room with each light identified with a status indication, making it easy to turn on or off a particular light without going through all the switches on the wall.

And what about controlling the shutters with this smart control. Let’s say you want to lower two of them. Select them, slide your hand to the position you want, and the stores will obey to your needs :)

Got it ?

When then ?

Soon !

We are barely out of the brainstorming step, but the design is not too much complicated. We will keep you up to date :) (Follow us on tweeter or google+ !)

A small schematic for your eyes alone

smart switch

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