Video for GPIO Demo module assembly process

Yesterday we filmed the assembly process of the GPIO Demo Kit and the video is now online !

For those interested in the “Do It Yourself” way we created a demonstration module which uses NXP’s LPC1224 micro-controller used on all of our home automation modules, and it is available as a DIY kit.

Our goal is to demonstrate that everyone can produce boards with CMS components at home with very few technical means, and for a reasonable price (We are selling the full kit for 32 euros TTC).

You’ll then be able to use this exprtise for your own projects, as many comany propose online PCB production services for low rates, components or available from different online distributors, and the laser cutting technique gives very good results for CMS stencils :)

You will find the papers we wrote on the “Making Of” of the GPIO Demo module in the Open Silicium magazine (the first part is in the number 7, page 38).
These papers will help you with your own module creation, from concept to embedded software programming.

Our 53 minutes long video covers the whole module assembly, showing every step, possible pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to right eventual mistakes with very few specific knowledges or sofisticated material.

In short, the modern, miniature electronics to everyone!

[youtube dtVMRGIdkGQ 600 490]
(Watch the video on Youtube)

Video Download (mpeg4/861Mo)

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