A paper in Open Silicium n°7

Open Silicium

We wrote a paper for the magazine Open Silicium just published in issue 7 :)

The paper is on page 38 : “Électronique et domotique libre : conception d’un module pour le DomoTab avec Kicad” (Open electronics and home automation: design of a module for DomoTab with KiCad).

Do not hesitate to buy the magazine (it should be available on newsstands shortly), or subscribe online :)

Schematics sources from the paper can be downloaded here:

The “RefCard” is available on our wiki. The version covers all written papers, so there’s more than what is in this first paper.

This paper is the first part of the “Making Of” of our GPIO Demo module, and covers the first part of the electronics schematics, but is also a tutorial for KiCad, a very good electronics CAD free software.

We also wrote the next two papers, one on the remaining parts of the schematics, and one on the PCB layout.

More papers will follow : DIY assembly of the module and embedded programming “from scratch” for the micro-controller.

This first set of papers will be followed by papers explaining how to extend the functionnalities of the module, for example to create a weather station, or control a pluged device’s power.


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