GPIO Demo Module

GPIO Demo is the first fully functional module for DomoTab. It’s an autonomous development platform that can be used to develop other modules.


GPIO Demo module has all the main characteristics of DomoTab and DTPlug modules: UEXT controller, NXP’s LPC1224 micro-controller, identifying EEPROM and just the right dimensions. This module also has development specific features: a FTDI FT230X USB/Serial interface which allows you to power and reprogram the module without cables, cards or power supplies, a two tone LED, I2C temperature sensor with alarm function, and access to 24 GPIO (including 6 ADC inputs) on 2.54mm threaded pins. They are spaced conveniently for use on a test plate and have access to 3.3V and 5V power. Finally, there are two jumpers so you can use it as an USB/serial interface and get access to the UEXT controller’s UART.

A complete USB key sized development platform!

This module is available both fully assembled and in a kit that you have to solder yourself. This will show you that even with CMS component, electronics is within anyone’s reach. (The demo video is available in french, see below.)

Software is already available as well as the schematics, in KiCad format obviously (Get the .tar.bz2 files).
The schematics are also included in the technical reference manual

The reference manual is available !
This manual includes all technical information about the hardware, some help about the software, and a step by step guide for DIY module assembly !

[youtube dtVMRGIdkGQ 600 490]
Watch the video on YoutubeDownload the video (mpeg4/861Mo)

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