DomoTab is an open source, multi-protocol domotics central unit (smart home brain) and is the result of the DomoTab project.


This central unit comes in different variants but all have in common two elements, two circuit boards created to answer any and all smart home needs. One supports the core components, CPU and memory, and the other serves as the docking board and sports all the connections.

DomoTab has all the connections you would find on a laptop (USB, Ethernet, audio, video, SATA, Express-card and SD card reader) as well as four module slots with which you can add any functionality you need. This modular design allows most smart home protocols to communicate and interact. This means DomoTab can be integrated in a set up where several protocols are used or allow you to set up an installation from scratch without having to worry about compatibility and at the best value.

You can even pick the variant that works best in your setup:

  • Electronic boards only: if you don’t want the constraints or the cost of a more advanced option.
  • Box version: if you want DomoTab to blend into your multimedia installation without having to camouflage all that circuitry.
  • Wall version: for that good old futuristic look with a screen on the living room wall. Several designs will be available, we’ll keep you posted :)
  • Basic Tablet version: so you can benefit from the convenience of today’s tactile screen tablets without the limitations.
  • Contact-less tablet version: for those who want to operate controls without touching the screen, very handy for cooking or DIY.
  • Gamer version: for those who want to stay ahead of the game and have one of the first full 3D tablets with stereoscopic 3D screen and nemopsys 3D control interface.

And all that with the unmatched freedom of having all the technical data and documentation freely available (DomoTab is under Creative Commons license).

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