(Re)Gain control of your house

With DomoTab, take or retake control of your house with ease. Centralizing, programming and controlling your set up freely is at last possible. Designed to make your life easier, DomoTab centralizes the control of all controllable elements in and around your house in a single product. No need to juggle remotes any more, DomoTab takes care of everything. But that’s not all! The unlimited openness of DomoTab allows you to adapt it to your needs and the variety of its interfaces will make it a key element of your set up.

DomoTab is a smart home’s brain (a domotic central unit) whose modularity allows you to interconnect all existing protocols, wired or not. Coming in several shapes and sizes (Stand alone box, wall panel, tablet or simple box in the meter cupboard), DomoTab works with the DTPlug smart bridge, available as a docking station for the tablet or an independent box.

By combining the different modules developed by our designers with community sourced ones and your own you can build a system perfectly tailored to your own set up.

DomoTab lets you:

  • Centralize monitoring and control of your entire environment (heating, lighting, blinds, Multimedia, CCTV, sprinklers, pool…)
  • Automate a number of activities and avoid menial chores
  • Save money thanks to a smarter home
  • Store and spread your data on the network
  • Take part in the development of free domotics (smart home technology) and create your installation yourself

Get your house a brain, give it DomoTab!

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