The cooperative company Techno-Innov is an eager supporter of free software and applies this principle to its products whenever possible (a SCOP is a company and needs income to pay its employees).

All Techno-Innov created elements for DTPlug are under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License.

What does that license entail?

  • Any physical person can use the plans, schematics and any other technical data we publish to create their own DTPlug.
  • Any physical person who wishes to may modify our plans and schematics to create a modified DTPlug for their personal use.
  • Any physical or moral person who wishes to publish plans, schematics or any other technical data pertaining to DTPlug, in their original or modified version, must do so under our chosen license (CC BY-NC-SA) and name the original author: the Techno-Innov cooperative company.
  • Producing DTPlugs, completely or partially, and selling them without our authorisation is forbidden, even with a simple compensation or share of production costs, whether or not profit is made.
  • You are not allowed to produce DTPlugs for commercial use even if you don’t sell them.
  • These restrictions also apply to modified version, whoever their author may be.


In order to boost the diffusion of DTPlug, we allow DTPlugs purchased from Techno-Innov to be resold, modified or not, at the seller’s entire responsibility.

This exclusion is intended to allow installers to make commercial use of DTPlugs they have purchased from us.

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