You’ll find on this page all the DTPlug related documents. You can download and use them as long as you abide by the license they’re under.


All of the hardware created by Techno-Innov for DTPlug is under Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. For software, check the licensing of each element.

Make sure you understand the implications of this License as outlined in: What does that license entail?


CAD Files for the box:

  • 3D Printing version: bottom and top.These aren’t the final files, which include clearances for the release from the mold after plastic injection, but the last version used for 3D printing on an Ultimaker 3D printer at the Fabrique d’Objets Libres (Free objects manufacture), Lyon’s FAB-Lab.
  • The final version will be available as soon as we’ve validated the mold.
Controller board schematics:
  • Schematics for DTPlug’s controller board (currently produced version is v1.1) provided as an archive with all files, including the components libraries. You’ll find the schematics in KiCad native format and the placement/routing file (also in KiCad native format).


Manual :

  • Technical manual for DTPlug is not yet available
  • Technical data for the main components (NXp’s LPC1764 de NXP, Ethernet PHY, ….) is available in this directory. Be aware that more up to date versions may be available on the manufacturers’ websites.


Available on the “Software” page.

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