Technical Data

DTPlug’s technical data:

Controller board hardware:

Micro-controller: NXP’s LPC1764

  • ARM Cortex-M3 core
  • Core freq: 100MHz
  • Flash: 128Ko integrated and fully onboard programmable
  • SRAM: 32Ko
  • Ethernet MAC
  • USB gadget 2.0 full-speed (device) only
  • RTC

Interfaces and Features :

  • Cortex-M3 nicro-controller running at 100MHz, 32Ko of SRAM, 128Ko of fully onboard programmable Flash (through UART0, need UART-to-USB adapter on board version 1.1).
  • 12 MHz main Osc. + 32.768 kHz RTC Osc.
  • Ethernet RJ45 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX port using SMSC’s LAN8720A ethernet transceiver.
  • USB gadget 2.0 full-speed port on micro-AB connector.
  • SD card socket.
  • Reset and ISP buttons, programming header on 2.54mm pins.
  • Two USB charging ports (power only, no data), type A connector, 30W available, requires provided USB cable.
  • 4 internal UEXT connectors (specified by Olimex) to add modules for home automation, including two with 5 GPIO + 5V power extension.
  • 1 internal “CPL” connector to add CPL specific modules.
  • ARM JTAG 20pins and GPIO extension (not populated).

Case :

The DTPlug is already available in box version (docking station for DomoTab will be added later):
  • Robust plastic case, easy to open.
  • 110-230V 50-60Hz IEC320C7 power input (euro-connector)
  • Power switch
  • MeanWell EPS-35-5 power supply, 5V – 30W.
  • 4 openings with blinds for home automation modules connectors.


  • Controller board PCB (excluding connectors) (l x L x H) : 65mm x 118mm
  • Populated controller board (l x L x H) : 68mm x 121mm x 25mm
  • Box (including connectors and switch) (l x L x H) : 78mm x 124mm x 70mm


  • Full version: 280g
  • Controller board: 50g
  • Box (3D printing) : 125g
  • Box (injection) : 110g
  • Power supply + internal cables: 105g

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