Techno-Innov’s Car-System

The presentation pages for our Car-System are now online.

This Car-System has been developed during the last two years for Mini World Lyon model exhibition project.


There are many improvements yet to develop, but development is frozen until the opening in June 2016.

To get to the presentation page, follow this link !

Quick introduction

Anne and Nathaël Pajani created the Techno-Innov SCOP at the start of 2012 to give structure to the ongoing development of the DomoTab project. It is the result of more than a year of studies and deliberation through which we defined the company’s goals, functioning and assessed the doability of our first project.

As of December 2012, the DomoTab project (started in 2010) reaches the end of the development phase for its last parts while some are already in production (check out the historic of the project on our “blog” page).

Techno-Innov’s operations aren’t limited to DomoTab, though, and other projects are already in the pipes. Our activity is the development and commercialisation of electronic or otherwise technically innovating products as well as accompanying services. We also conduct studies or provide technical consulting to other companies with the benefit of our experience and skills.

In short

The initial goal of the DomoTab project is the development, production and commercialization of a range of platforms and their control software for existing and future smart home installations. Unlike any existing control systems which only allow the use of one or two communication protocols, the DomoTab platform will allow most existing protocols to interact and communicate. This adaptability will allow installers (both private and professionals) to easily integrate the platform into an existing multi-protocol set up or to design a cost effective installation without infrastructure constraints.

This will also be an open platform as all the technical data and documentation is accessible without restrictions and the software will only make use of open source software to allow enthusiasts to take part in the development of new applications or the creation of new software modules to adapt DomoTab to new uses (for smart homes or other uses!).

If you want to join the party, contact us!

(Re)Gain control of your house

With DomoTab, take or retake control of your house with ease. Centralizing, programming and controlling your set up freely is at last possible. Designed to make your life easier, DomoTab centralizes the control of all controllable elements in and around your house in a single product. No need to juggle remotes any more, DomoTab takes care of everything. But that’s not all! The unlimited openness of DomoTab allows you to adapt it to your needs and the variety of its interfaces will make it a key element of your set up.

DomoTab is a smart home’s brain (a domotic central unit) whose modularity allows you to interconnect all existing protocols, wired or not. Coming in several shapes and sizes (Stand alone box, wall panel, tablet or simple box in the meter cupboard), DomoTab works with the DTPlug smart bridge, available as a docking station for the tablet or an independent box.

By combining the different modules developed by our designers with community sourced ones and your own you can build a system perfectly tailored to your own set up.

DomoTab lets you:

  • Centralize monitoring and control of your entire environment (heating, lighting, blinds, Multimedia, CCTV, sprinklers, pool…)
  • Automate a number of activities and avoid menial chores
  • Save money thanks to a smarter home
  • Store and spread your data on the network
  • Take part in the development of free domotics (smart home technology) and create your installation yourself

Get your house a brain, give it DomoTab!